Patrick Bamford sold a lovely dummy last night in the early stages, Samu Saiz collected and scooped a beautiful return pass over the top to the new striker, it was set to be the perfect start, Bamford fluffed his lines, disappointment around Elland Road, but that wouldn’t last long, Bamford was about to announce himself to the fans.

Bamford would get his goal though, and it wouldn’t take long for the next chance to come along, although he made a very simple situation turn into a chance for himself. Jansson rolled a ball into the feet of the outstanding Samu Saiz who rolled his man. A tackle knocked the ball into Bamford who nutmegged the centre-back and swept the ball past Matthews, a very tidy and elegant goal and one he won’t forget in his Leeds career.

Roofe, in fine form this season already

A well-spoken and intelligent player off the pitch his celebration surprised me a little, but very much in a good way. As he ran over towards the South-east corner he pointed to the floor as if to say “Patrick Bamford has arrived”, a sign of confidence that tis will eventually be the club where he finds his feet and makes a home. The relief and joy of the goal was plain to see, it’s always nice to get off the mark on your debut, especially at home.

Patrick Bamford has been around a lot at his young age. He’s been at Chelsea, Middlesbrough twice, Norwich, Burnley and Crystal Palace already in his career and all he wants, as he said in his first Leeds United interview is to be the “main man” somewhere. The form of Kemar Roofe has meant that hasn’t been easy at all so far, the striker has flourished under Marcelo Bielsa, turning in two man of the match performances.

Bamford was struggling in the second half but did work hard. In all honesty he isn’t a player who will naturally run around and press for a full game but he will learn that under Marcelo Bielsa and you could tell last night he was working hard to make that a key part of his game. Roofe is a more natural presser and that’s clear, Bamford brings a cool touch and composure that will be key for us going forward.

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