Ian Holloway hasn’t always been the most friendly when it comes to talking Leeds United. He’s one of the most honest coaches and pundits around though and last night he spoke very highly of Marcelo Bielsa. As well as calling him “the business” he also labelled him a “genius”.

In terms of adapting to a new country, new language and new club Marcelo Bielsa is making it look very easy, but tough times await the coach, nothing goes as well as this for a full season, especially not in a forty-six game gruelling season. The tactics, the passion and the obsession is another level and the Argentine coach is a favourite already, his immediate impact has been something else.


Ian Holloway during the EFL Sky Bet Championship match between Brentford and Queens Park Rangers at Griffin Park, London, England on 22 April 2017. Photo by Andy Walter.

Holloway was raving about Marcelo Bielsa and he thinks that this is the real-deal for Leeds United, not another false dawn. Leeds are now favourites for the Championship but that’s extremely hasty after just two games, get to Christmas and you can start talking about what’s possible. Holloway knows this league inside-out and he knows the demands that Bielsa is putting on the players will be tough to keep up for the full season.

Holloway is often the pantomime villain when he travels to other clubs and it was the same when he came to Leeds. Trips with Millwall, Queens Park Rangers and various other clubs in his time. He has always been outspoken and honest, sometimes it came across too honest and he’s found himself in hot water with the FA and Football League. His opinion on Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa last night was much discussed on social media, he’s maybe won over a couple of Leeds fans.


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