Angus Kinnear seems to have cleared things up tonight and although the Leeds fan may not like it we at least know what the situation is. The club seem to be aiming for a profit this summer given the Ronaldo Vieira sale, 49ers investment and season ticket money. Kinnear says loans are more likely in this window, does that mean no deals tomorrow?

Leeds have made just two permanent signings in this window and as a fan that’s hard to take, given the amount of money recouped in investment, season ticket sales, player sales and players leaving the club in general. The problem is that the signings, loan and permanent are all very good, a better quality than we have seen in many years.

The fact that Angus Kinnear has said this tonight seems to indicate there will be no business tomorrow which, given the size of the squad and that Marcelo Bielsa has made it clear he wants new players in, is disappointing. The squad is strong in terms of ability but in terms of depth their isn’t much. We have a strong XI and bench but after that it really is just the young players and although they are very talented, that’s a lot of pressure.

Did the fans expect more deals? Probably not, the links seem to have gone cold in all honesty, time is running out and a deal tomorrow before the 5pm deadline would be a surprise. The club will have to make a couple of loan signings if they don’t, there is little doubt about that but is two players really enough on contracts? Make your own mind up.