Sheffield Wednesday’s new owner Hafiz Mammadov’s French club RC Lens has had their appeal against the DNCG accepted by the CNOSF, according to French Football Weekly .

The club managed to finish second in Ligue 2 last season but after financial issues arose over this year’s budget, the club were held back from being promoted to the top flight. However, that decision has now been reversed, allowing the club to be promoted despite the DNGC’s issues with their accounts, pending the FFF’s approval.

The DNCG is the financial governing body for French football, overseeing the accounts of all the 44 professional football clubs and providing sanctions for those that break the rules. RC Lens have failed their checks for the upcoming season in regards to their budget, they haven’t proved a 10 million deficit, initially put down as an issue with a bank transfer but according to French Football News, owner Hafiz Mammadov has refused to come up with the money and bend to the DNGC’s rules

The club then appealed the decision, which was overruled and have now taken the case to the CNOSF, France’s Olympic committee and the highest board of appeal for sport in the country. The CNOSF decided earlier this evening to rule in favour of Lens and that means the club will be allowed to play in Ligue 1 next season.

With reports that Mammadov is now shifting his attention to his English club, fans are right to be a little sceptical whether he’s the right man. Despite the decision, the DNCG’s rules are much tighter than those in England and if he passes the fair and proper person’s test then it proves it. He might not have to prove his funds as much in this country which he will prefer but he does have some money to spend, how much is what the club should be wary of.

In the end, the ruling should be a warning sign for Owls fans. Mammadov certainly has some cash but even though his club survived this ordeal, his affairs have all been shown to light and he might lie just how much he has. It might turn out a little differently in England, perhaps the purchase of a new club might have hindered him but the signals are there for fans to tread lightly in giving their new owner a rapturous welcome.