Aston Villa are having some summer. Losing in the play-off final to Fulham seemed like the start of a very bad road and it’s not looked great since, that was until yesterday. A new investment is on the horizon and there is talk of Thierry Henry being a possible coach to take over.

The new investment could well mean a new owner and that means most probably, a new head-coach in today’s footballing world. The name being banded around is Thierry Henry. It’s coming and it’s coming strong through the media and although many seem to think it won’t happen, there are a few reasons why it is a very realistic move for the club and Henry himself. Bruce, his job has been in doubt since the play-off defeat

The first reason that this move could happen, or is certainly realistic is that Thierry Henry is looking to be a coach, the move to help on the Belgian national team in the World Cup was proof of that and Villa are a club he knows very well. Henry has played and been to Aston Villa, and indeed Birmingham countless times in his career, he wouldn’t be stepping into the unknown in that sense.

The second reason is that Villa have the money to tempt Henry into his first job. Wages wouldn’t be an issue, in fact he would probably cost less than Steve Bruce who arrived with promotion experience and in high demand for his services. Villa have the backing of new investment and can give him funds in the market, although not huge due to FFP.

The third and most important reason is that Villa are a huge pull. A club on the rocks, struggling to get back to the Premier League and club with the key word, potential. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have started at Rangers and Derby respectively and Villa are a similar club in terms of where they are. Henry would get time and would come in as a coup.

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