There are too many clubs currently having to worry about the consequences of FFP, Birmingham City one of them. Garry Monk will be increasingly frustrated by the lack of movement in the window and it has been revealed that Rangers bound Ryan Kent was a Garry Monk target.

The worrying news for Birmingham in this case is that the player is now heading to Scotland and Rangers who aren’t exactly the force they used to be, rather than Monk and Birmingham. The fee or wages too much and a player and opportunity missed.

Birmingham fans seem worried by the news and in general this summer, the overspending by the club, in particular last season has caught up with them very fast and has left Garry Monk with players on wages not fitting their ability and a lack of numbers, and clout in the transfer market.

Monk did want to get rid of some of his high earners. David Stockdale has been much discussed in this window, Leeds wanted the player and made a one-year loan offer which was rejected by Birmingham with Monk saying he’ll leave on the clubs terms. The problem with that is not many clubs are willing to pay Stockdale’s wages and now they have a player training with the under 23’s on huge money. Stubbornness many have cost them in this case.

Blackburn Rovers were favourites to win the race but Rangers seem to have got the edge. This news is a blow to Birmingham City because in reality they should be the club that are throwing their weight around.

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