Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to owners of football clubs, always willing to engage with fans on social media.

He regularly can be found tweeting not only Posh fans but also fielding and answering questions from supporters of other clubs. Put it this way, if he were to gain a £1 for every question about the futures of Marcus Maddison and Jack Marriott then he’d be an exceedingly happy man indeed.

Courteous to a tee, he comes across as a true gentleman. Except for when he read the following:

Lloyd, who left Peterborough and the third tier of English football to drop to the National Conference and England’s fifth-tier competition with Salford City, has used the term “absolute peanuts” to describe the deal he was on at the ABAX Stadium.

Now, to an owner that is not only Twitter savvy, but also Twitter accomplished, the use of the derogatory “absolute peanuts” was like a red rag to a bull. This can be seen by the following retort:

Whilst MacAnthony might have been in a state of shock, the same can’t be said of some fans commenting on the post – shock being replaced by a sense of growing anger. Here’s some examples of what they are saying.

There’s plenty more on a lengthy thread as Peterborough fans continue to pour out scorn and anger at the comments of a player leaving the club in a way that he’s flicking the bird at them on the way out.

However, the general consensus from Peterborough fans is a mixture of rising ire and thankful good riddances for a player who’s obviously blackened his name at the club.

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