Millwall head coach Neil Harris has slammed cash splashing teams such as Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest to News at Den as they make the transfer market more difficult for teams like them.

Over the last few years, teams in the Sky Bet Championship have started to spend more money as the billionaire owners moved into the league. The likes of Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday have spent big in previous seasons and are now feeling the pinch because of Financial Fair Play. Despite that, Nottingham Forest and Stoke City have been continuing spending big this summer which could cause problems if they fail to get promotion.

Millwall obviously cannot afford to spend the same amount of money and this is causing Harris to be frustrated with these teams. He believes because they are willing to spend so much money that everyone’s values are shooting up, making it far more difficult for organised teams such as the Lions to compete in the transfer market.

He said: “It’s a volatile market at the moment,”

“There are some clubs that have a hell of a lot of money to spend this summer and there are some clubs that are struggling and can’t spend.”

“It makes it a difficult market for clubs like ourselves that are stable and organised and have a clear structure around what we’re trying to do.”

“It’s difficult because one day a player could be worth £200,000 and the next day someone is bidding £6million for him. Maybe it’s not at those levels but that is what we’re fighting at the moment.”

“The disparity within the division is huge.”

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