Earlier today, the72 reported that former Bradford City chairman Gordon Gibb is considering a takeover consortium with Jack Tordoff.

Gibb originally took over as chairman of Bradford City in 2002 and eventually resigned as chairman in 2004 with Julian Rhodes taking the reigns of the club, however, he is believed to still own Valley Parade with his pension fund.

Local businessman Jack Tordoff is the founder of Motor Retail Company JCT600 that took a reported £1.251 billion turnover in 2018.

Tordoff himself is a massive Bradford City fan and supposedly is part of a consortium who are interested in buying the club.

Whether or not a deal will actually go through remains to be seen, but that has not stopped Bantams fans from taking to twitter to share their feelings on the matter.

Here is a quick look at what some of them had to say:

This Bradford City supporter can not see the rumours of a takeover actually going anywhere.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the Yorkshire club at the moment…

A simple, yet effective message to Gordon Gibb from this Bradford City supporter.

It seems like this fan is not going to be pleased either way. Oh well, you can not please everyone.

Some Bradford fans would welcome Gibb back to the club it seems.

If this consortium does attempt to takeover at Bradford City, it could be a huge surprise with the West Yorkshire club only recently being taken over in 2016 by German’s Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp.




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