Wigan Athletic head coach Paul Cook has told Wigan Today that he believes that Sam Morsy will come back from the World Cup as a better player.

Morsy got one of the highest honours a player can get when he was called up by Egypt to be in their squad for the World Cup. However that seemed to be the only good news they got. Despite high hopes going into the tournament, they would lose all three of their group games and crash out of the tournament. The campaign was dogged by rumours that star man Mohamed Salah was going to retire from international football after he felt used as a political pawn when having a photo-op with Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

But even with the campaign going less than well and leading to the sacking of the Egypt manager, Cook believes that Morsy will have learned a lot by going up against players such as Denis Cherysev and Luis Suarez and that he will return to the club as a better player for it.

He said: “I spoke a couple of times with Sammy while he was over there, and it’s been great to see him out there on the biggest stage, against players like Luis Suarez,”

“First and foremost it’s a great achievement for him on a personal level.”

“And for him to be involved in something like this is huge, and that can only help him when he comes back to us.”

“If ever a player lives his life to be a footballer it’s Sammy Morsy,”

“He lives and breathes football, wants everything to be done properly, and he’s an example to the rest of the club. He’ll have to give his body a break, like every player has to, and we’ll manage that correctly.”

“But Sammy will be there come the first day of the season, don’t you worry about that!”

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