Carlisle United manager John Sheridan has never been one for buttering up a situation, he tells it straight and he has done so yet again. As coaches all over the country struggle to bring players in he has accused players of think they are better than what they are, and rightly so.

In a frank verdict on the transfer market he has let loose on players and he probably represents the feeling of so many across the country in what he says. Sheridan is a popular figure amongst fans and clubs where he has been don’t really have anything but positive views of the ex-Leeds United player and a coach who is known for getting the job done.

His spell at Fleetwood Town last season sums him up massively. The seaside club were struggling massively under Uwe Rosler and on arrival of John Sheridan the luck and momentum swung in dramatic fashion. It was widely regarded he could have mounted a promotion push had he been in charge from the start of the season.

Uwe Rosler had done exactly that and had strengthened the squad but he couldn’t get the bets out of the squad who had done so well. Many thought he had overachieved with them but Sheridan proved in the results it was just about getting them to play a slightly different way.

Sheridan has been vocal this summer regarding the transfer market. He doesn’t have much money to spend and wants to really utilise the loan market but that isn’t proving too easy for the club as of yet. The frustration is clear in what he has said, and he’s right.

The attitude of many players isn’t great in today’s game, players don’t want to take a risk and head on loan, leaving their comfort zone. The words may not hit home to many but all it takes is a few to agree and it could benefit the club in the market.

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