Rotherham United head coach Paul Warne has told the Sheffield Star that the players better be able to keep up with him during pre-season.

Following Rotherham’s first pre-season game of the summer against local non-league side Parkgate, the team will be heading to Vienna for a week-long training camp. And with Warne being the fitness coach before becoming their manager during the 16/17 season, he is preparing to put the players through their paces during this training camp to make sure they are ready.

But Warne is no hypocrite and he has already told some of the players that he will be ahead of the pack on their morning runs up the hills of Austria and that he expects them to be matching him! For the new players, which include Clark Robertson, Zak Vyner, and Kyle Vassell, it is going to be a baptism of fire as they soon learn how much Warne prioritises fitness.

Warne said: “I’ve been running four miles a day every day for the past few weeks because I know I’m going to run with the team in Austria. And they know that.”

“I texted a lot of the lads before they returned for pre-season training to say I’m in great shape! Seven o’clock every morning in Austria, we will run up the hills, I’ll be at the front and they have to stay with me.”

“Those runs could be the day after a game. They could play the night before and they get up and they run.”

“That has no physical benefit, none. It does for me because it makes me look great, but it doesn’t for them.”

“It’s a mental thing. It gets a bit of camaraderie and that’s what you need. You need that in the last minute of games, you need that when you want people to clear the ball off the line. ”

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