Prepare for your dates to be altered, matches to be changed, trips to feel a lot longer and not many 3pm kick-offs. Sky Sports have often been criticised by Leeds United fans, and other fans for that matter, regarding Leeds and this season is almost certainly going to be a bad one for the Leeds fans.

It’s actually already started, Leeds have been moved for a Sky game for the opening fixture for yet another season. Off the top of my head we have been on for at least four years on the bounce on opening day, Bolton, Queens Park Rangers, Burnley and now Stoke City. The problem is they have moved it to a Sunday at 4.30pm, not really the day set by fans for football. Long gone are the Saturday 3pm kick-offs on a weekly basis thanks to TV.

The arrival of Marcelo Bielsa is huge for Leeds and for Sky Sports is huge, his face has already been all over the media and the big thing about this is he is global, which means you can multiply demand for Leeds games massively.

What Leeds fans do find entertaining and a bit frustrating at times is that other fans get wound up by Leeds getting the games, and blame Leeds. What they don’t realise is the only people more frustrated by the situation is Leeds fans themselves. Having to wait for fixtures to be changed is extremely frustrating especially when you can predict most games that Sky will change months before they actually change them. Fans travel from abroad and all over the country and often the changes result in some late changes to travel plans.

There has been times in recent seasons, last was probably the worst where Leeds would have three and four games live on the bounce. Some aren’t bad, evening on a Saturday or even the odd early kick-off, Friday nights as well, in small doses but the 3pm kick-off on a Saturday is being phased out for many clubs and Leeds are one of them, some still have a high % at that time with little fear of the game being moved.

Massimo Cellino actually locked Sky out a few years ago, a Monday night game against Boro. It may have seemed bizarre but he had a point, if we’re on TV more than Premier League teams why do they get the huge money and Leeds get minimal in comparison?

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