The tweet yesterday from Alan Nixon that revealed Leeds had a third option away from Abel Hernandez and Matej Vydra meant speculation started. A few got on to Phil Hay and as normal he didn’t let the side down. Although it may not be the player in question, he said Lewis Grabban had been mentioned to him previously.

Obviously things have changed since Marcelo Bielsa has arrived but it’s not really clear whether Grabban was mentioned before or after he started to have involvement on the club. I have some reservations on Grabban personally and I’m not even that picky. The problem with Lewis Grabban is simple, he doesn’t offer as much as Abel Hernandez or Matej Vydra. He blows hot and cold and didn’t really live up to the heights at Sunderland or Aston Villa.

For me Leeds need a striker who will take the situation by the balls. We play with one up front and with Bielsa’s history it looks like staying like that. We can’t have a player who won’t link play and do the hard work that Bielsa will demand and Grabban isn’t that player. I’m not saying he’s lazy or not a good striker, he just doesn’t offer the “one up top” cv needed.

In terms of getting goals if chances are created for him then he is a good option. If Leeds were to sign Vydra or Hernandez and then Grabban it would be fantastic but it does seem we’re looking at one. Maybe for the reasons above Hay didn’t hear much on Grabban after the initial chats because he doesn’t have what Leeds are looking for.

If you had offered Lewis Grabban to me last season I would have snapped your hand off and in reality if he signed I wouldn’t be disappointed. The issue is that when we are in talks with Derby over the league’s top scorer last season and advanced contract talks with Abel Hernandez, one of the most naturally talented strikers at this level then it would seem like we have missed out on the two main targets and with Bielsa coming in and the hope that brings it doesn’t seem like the same level of ambition.


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