The Football League’s corrupt! Shaun Harvey is a [insert expletive phrase of choice]! Those phrases are favoured by Leeds United fans. These phrases will be consolidated by news that the EFL are to meet with Aston Villa over their financial plight.

Villa are like a plane caught in turbulence at the moment, being buffeted first one way, then another. A failed run at promotion, ended by Fulham in the Play-Off Final at Wembley has seen repercussions and fallout that has threatened to severely thwart the Midlands club’s efforts next season in the Championship.

The EFL has said that they have an intention to meet with the Villans after their failure to return to the Premier League had a knock-on effect. Villa were threatened with a winding-up order last week after missing a tax payment to HMRC. They also are due to pay several million pounds of outstanding transfer fees to Championship rivals.

The Express and Star, citing the Telegraph, state that the EFL, headed by Shaun Harvey, are due to meet Villa next week. The basis of this meeting, say  is to offer “practical assistance, wherever necessary” with the Telegraph saying that the EFL’s Harvey will “request a broad business plan for next season and proof the club can fulfil its financial obligations.”

The Express and Star say that the thinking behind this meeting is to avoid what is termed a ‘contagion effect’. Here Villa’s implosion would be seen to affect other clubs, something that the EFL are obviously keen to avoid.

This resorting to a ‘meeting’ to ‘discuss issues’ in a dialogue of cooperation is something that has rankled Leeds United fans. United were forced into a transfer embargo after losses of £22 million in 2013/14 broke the EFL’s Financial Fair Play limits for Championship clubs.

These losses were mostly accrued before Massimo Cellino took over the club, leading to what some may term as ruthless cuts by the former Whites owner. However, there were many questions asked and no quarter given for Leeds United but it is quite the opposite, so it seems, with Villa.

To say Leeds United fans aren’t happy is an understatement – especially going by some of their comments on the next page.

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