Nearly two weeks have passed since Leeds United’s hunt for a new manager brought forward the surprising name of Marcelo Bielsa, a two-time managing coach at World Cups.

After employing and discarding a series of ‘nearly-men’ coaches and managers, Leeds United have seemingly had a bit of a brainwave moment and plunged right into a deep end when it comes to picking up someone talented.

Marcelo Bielsa is certainly that, in fact he really goes beyond that – he is likely to be the best manager/head coach that the club have had for a long time. This is a man who is revered and talked about in whispers by some of the modern day coaching greats.

It is an appointment that has been shrouded in heavy discussion with smoke, mirrors and general obfuscation the matters at hand.  Twists and turns are the order of the day and United fans are having to sit patiently waiting.

With each day seemingly drips through yet another drop of hope, stripping away some of that mist that obscures Leeds United fans from what they really want to see – the arrival of Marcelo Bielsa and the ripping up of the league on the crest of a wave driven by his fluid 3-3-1-3.

Earlier BBC Radio Leeds’ Adam Pope said that United were in possession of a ‘draft contract’ from Bielsa, and Argentinian journalist César Luis Merlo said that Bielsa had signed a one-year deal with an option of a further year. This pairing of information seems to be backed up by Argentinian media site VarskySports:

VarskySports, which has 1.58 million Twitter followers says in their tweet (above) that one major obstacle has been removed from Leeds United being able to employ him to lead a glory charge next season. What is their ‘news’?

They say that Bielsa “got the work permit” and will “soon be announced as a new coach of Leeds.” They also add that the Argentinian mega-coach “had already agreed to his contract” at Elland Road, seemingly indicating that an appointment announcement will be just around the corner.

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