A few days ago it seemed like Abel Hernandez was heading to Turkey, wages that Leeds couldn’t compete with and the offer of Champions League football on the table. Now it doesn’t seem like Hernandez is going there at all, talk of Leeds still being favourites and now significant news that Galatasaray have been fined heavily for breaching FFP.

As a Leeds fan the idea of a player turning us down and signing for the Turkish side is as bad as it comes in terms of which clubs they could choose over us. I will leave it there with my opinion.

Abel Hernandez will be making his mind up very soon, in fact he may have already chosen his club. The reason I say that because Leeds are awaiting a decision on a head-coach before they finalise and make moves on signings. Abel Hernandez has been a player who has the offer in front of him from Leeds and has for some time, the reason for the delay could be one of any number of reasons.


The recent developments in Turkey mean that any deal for Abel Hernandez may well be off the cards if indeed it was ever on them in the first place. They will have to reduce their spend massively and signing new players may well be off the agenda until they assess the situation properly.

We have seen similar issues in the Championship this summer already. Aston Villa seem on the verge of meltdown while Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County, Norwich City and Hull City are all struggling to reduce their spend and outgoings after failing to reach the Premier League in recent years.

Marcelo Bielsa is on the verge on joining Leeds United and his announcement which is expected very soon is expected to be followed by more announcements as Leeds look to bring in players as well as begin a clear out of those already at the club.

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