Carlos Edwards has said Millwall players know their ‘heads will be on the block’ if they get on the wrong side of Lions boss Ollie.

The right back is set for his first full season at Millwall after joining from Ipswich Town early in the summer and has said Holloway is not to be messed with despite his light-hearted demeanour in the public eye.  “We all know the manager is crazy” Edwards joked. “He says it and he knows it, but we don’t tell him to his face! It’s a great thing though. He wouldn’t have been a successful manager if he didn’t have such a positive frame of mind and way of treating his players. He gives them leeway to an extent – you get given a piece of rope but you always know how long it is. If you take too much, you know your head will be on the block.”

Another one of Millwall’s new signings is Lee Gregory, who has recently signed from Halifax Town, has also said “It’s good that you can have a laugh with the manager. But there’s a fine line between having fun and being serious and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that line.”

“But you’d expect him to be strict at times because you need that to be a successful manager – if you’re soft all the time people will just walk all over you. I expected him to have a feisty side but I haven’t seen much of that yet – and I’m hoping to keep it that way!”

“The players know which buttons not to push and I’m sure I’ll find out about those.”

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