Who are the best passing players in the Sky Bet Championship?

That is a very important question as passing is now more important than ever in football as more teams try to play it more on the floor. That means these players are very valuable and you shouldn’t be surprised if they end up being linked with a lot of clubs over the next few weeks.

These stats have been provided by WhoScored and the players featured have all made more appearances than the league average. We are judging players here on their pass success percentage which we believe shows the players who know how to pick the best pass at each opportunity.

10. Christoph Zimmerman – Norwich City (87% Pass Success)

Defenders who can pass on the floor are a prized commodity as managers want the passing to now start from the back. And summer signing Zimmerman is one of those defenders as shown by his pass success percentages. There was plenty of promise in Norwich’s side this season and Zimmerman is one of the reasons why.

9. James Chester – Aston Villa (87% Pass Success)

There isn’t much more to say about Chester that we just said about Zimmerman. He is one of those valuable defenders who can start passing moves from the back which more managers are valuing. That’s why they spent a lot of money on this Welsh international who has been great at passing as well as being a defensive rock.

8. Adam Clayton – Middlesbrough (87.4% Pass Success)

Expect pretty much all of the other entries on this list to be central midfielders. That’s because passing is so critical to the success of a central midfielder. And it’s no surprise to see Clayton on this list. He has always been good at this in the Championship and why Middlesbrough will want to keep him this summer.

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