Some may have said the wheels fell off Sheffield Wednesday at the start of last season but now the sign has fallen off too!

Part of the Sheffield Wednesday badge which adorns The Kop has fallen off, as shown by Twitter user Bailey. The sign had fallen then onto Penistone Road.

Wednesday are coming off the back of a disappointing season where a poor first half of the season meant they had no chance of challenging for promotion like initially expected. Things did improve towards the end of the season under new manager Jos Luhukay but by then it was too late. And while that has made the outlook for next season more positive, there are reports of budget cuts which mean a lack of big name signings which have excited fans in previous years.

And now the club are going to have to pay up to replace the sign on The Kop. It’s also something which isn’t great symbolically as it gives off the look that this is a team that’s falling apart, an accusation they heard a lot last season when their form indicated that they could be fighting against relegation.

And as you would expect in a region that has fierce football rivalries, the response has largely been one of mockery. The initial picture was posted online by a Sheffield United fan which attracted plenty of attention from fellow Blades who mocked the overall state of Hillsborough as well as the badge falling off.

It is unknown when the sign will be replaced.

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