Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck has been voted by you as the 21st best player in the EFL.

Over the last month, we have been gathering votes from you to find the best managers and players in the EFL. And after counting the votes, we have discovered you think that Fleck is the 21st best player in the Football League. He has moved down eight places from his 13th place spot in the Top 50 Players countdown last season.

There are a lot of players who you can credit with Sheffield United’s return to the Sky Bet Championship but the man who deserves a lot of that praise is Fleck. But that’s not a controversial statement. Plenty of people hail Fleck as a great player. In some parts of Sheffield Fleck could get all his drinks and meals paid for him for the next decade. Of course in the other parts he’d be kicked out of the pub, but that’s the way with two club cities.

Despite the change in quality and league, Fleck’s form never changed. He was still the creative force of the team and he still ran the show from midfield. In his 44 appearances for the club this season, he scored two goals and made seven assists. He was a key reason why the Blades surprised many and challenged for a spot in the Championship play-offs when most expected that they would be fighting against relegation.

Fleck will hope that he can get United into the play-offs next season.

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