Aston Villa defender James Chester has been voted by you as the 30th best player in the EFL.

Over the last month, we have been gathering votes from you to find the best managers and players in the EFL. And after counting the votes, we have discovered you think that Chester is the 30th best player in the Football League. This is the first time he has been on the Top 50 Players countdown.

We’ve said it a lot on these player bios lists but you need a solid defence to work from if you want to have success. There’s no point having 3-3 thrillers because in the end, they get you the same amount of points as bore draws. Villa knew that which is why organiser Steve Bruce was hired as manager why even when during their poor summer in 2016, they still made a point to sign good defenders.

Chester was one of the defenders they signed in 2016 and he performed well even when the side didn’t. that season. This time he got even better, perhaps being able to work with former England and Chelsea captain John Terry has its benefits! Villa were a tough team to beat this season and a lot of that was down to their rigid defence which was led by Chester. The 29-year-old featured 50 times this season and even scored four times to show he is at least capable at the other end. He also put in superb performances against Sunderland Preston North End which helped him to seal his place on this list.

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