Cardiff City defender Sean Morrison has been voted by you as the 43rd best player in the EFL.

Over the last month, we have been gathering votes from you to find the best managers and players in the EFL. And after counting the votes, we have discovered you think that Morrison is the 43rd best player in the Football League.

For a Neil Warnock side to succeed, they need to be well organised from the back. That means you need a rock solid defender who won’t take any nonsense and lead by example. Luckily for Cardiff they had exactly that in the shape of Morrison. At the start of the season there were rumours he might be sold but getting him to sign a new contract ended up being just as good as any incoming transfer.

Morrison was fearsome in defence and one of the reasons that so many teams found it tough to play against Cardiff this season. If a ball went up into the air near him, he was usually the man who was heading it. But in what is an increasing trend, he was always a threat at the other end of the pitch as well. In his 43 appearances, he would go on to score seven goals. Quite a few strikers didn’t get that this year. Morrison will also be able to remember games against Hull City, Nottingham Forest and Norwich City fondly after putting in some superb performances in those matches.

With Cardiff being promoted, Morrison will get a chance to play in the Premier League next season.

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