One thing that tends to fill fans with pride in their club is how high that their attendances are, with higher attendances bringing a sense of kudos to a club.

Over on social media fans of different clubs can be seen ripping in to each other about levels of support that their respective clubs can boast. Taunts of “tinpot” and “plastics” can be heard being hurled from fan to fan and bounced back again.

Yes, there is a certain degree of pride associated with just how well a club is attended by fans, fans who are either on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a play-off/promotion chance, chewing their fingernails down after a run of bad games or just shaking their head at another season of missed opportunity.

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Here’s the top five sides after the current round of games.

Top 5 League One Highest Average Attendances (2017/18)

1st  – Bradford City

  • 19,941 average attendance (79.4% capacity)
  • 339,005 total attendance
  • 21,403 highest attendance (85.2% capacity)
  • 18,799 lowest attendance (74.8% capacity)

2nd – Portsmouth 

  • 17,485 average attendance (88.9% capacity)
  • 374,754 total attendance
  • 18,644 highest attendance (94.8% capacity)
  • 17,118 lowest attendance (87% capacity)

3rd – Blackburn Rovers

  • 11,669 average attendance (37.2% capacity)
  • 245,057 total attendance
  • 16,142 highest attendance (51.5% capacity)
  • 1,238 lowest attendance (4% capacity)
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4th – Charlton Athletic

  • 11,535 average attendance (42.6% capacity)
  • 230,691 total attendance
  • 17,581 highest attendance (64.9% capacity)
  • 8,801 lowest attendance (32.5% capacity)

5th – Plymouth Argyle 

  • 10,027 average attendance (56.3% capacity)
  • 200,535 total attendance
  • 13,466 highest attendance (75.7% capacity)
  • 7,411 lowest attendance (41.6% capacity)


Top spot in League One goes to Bradford City whose high average attendance is likely a heady combination of fervent support and cheap season tickets that were £149 for over 16s and just £99 for under 16s. The Bantams average attendance (19,941) was 2,456 more than nearest contenders Portsmouth (17,845).

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Blackburn in third show the hallmarks of a former Premier League side in a lower-tier competition. Their average attendance (11,669) was only 37.2% of the capacity that their Ewood Park ground can hold. They also had the league’s lowest attendance so far (1,238) when a 2-0 win over Bury in mid-February saw them top the table.

The other two sides putting in solid attendances are Charlton Athletic whose 11,535 average attendance is good enough to take 4th spot over south coast side Plymouth Argyle (10,027) whose ground is often a long haul visit for many travelling fans.

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