So, it’s been a month since The72 first launched and we’re pretty happy with it so far. Every four weeks we’re going to give you a little update about how we’re getting on and how the site has moved forward, so keep checking back to the blog section.

Like all good ideas, The72 started at the pub after I had noticed a gap in the market for an unofficial Football League outlet .I threw a few names into the hat like The72FL and Club72 and thought nothing of it. Needless to say we went on to have a pretty heavy night. To my surprise the next morning Joe had already set up a domain under the name The72 and web hosting the next morning. Clearly he wasn’t as hungover as I was.

Most of you don’t know who we are, but for those who watch Breaking Bad, Joe’s the Walt of this partnership and, admittedly, I’m probably the Jesse (we don’t do meth).

So, next it was time to start looking at designs. We felt it was important to stick with the Football League colours; dark blue and red. After many hours of tinkering, deleting and inserting we finally came up with a design that was modern, simple and social.

I then went about searching for writers, or content creators as they seem to call them these days. After posting an advert on Gumtree looking for voluntary contributors I was pleased to see that within about two weeks we had around 20 names on board. If you’re starting a site and looking to get people involved, I’d really recommend Gumtree as a free way of getting your ad out there.

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So with our website up and running and content beginning to filter in online our articles were gradually getting noticed. Our weekly ‘5 things‘ pieces (courtesy of Andrew Musgrove) are regular big hitters, summing up the league action in 500 or so words. Our most popular content so far however is undoubtably our Away Followings section. Fans seem to be really interested in how many their club are taking on matchdays and where they rank against other clubs. Expect this feature to improve over time.


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It was important to reach a wide audience. These days most start-ups tackle Twitter and even Facebook. Rightly so, it’s the present and the future. Our original Twitter account, @The72FL struggled to get off the ground in the first week. This was solely down to us not having the time dedicated to bombarding Twitter with content whilst trying to improve our website. In that respect we were very lucky. After approaching a FL Twitter page @FBL72, we teamed up with them and became one brand. Would we have loved the satisfaction of building up our own Twitter? Perhaps. But the opportunity to work with an account that had 20,000 FL supporting followers at their disposal was too good to turn down. Twitter is a huge part of minor success so far.

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However, there is a world outside Twitter and we are looking to tap into it. After a bit of negotiating and a lot of chatting, this week saw a deal struck between ourselves and The Football League Paper for an advert to go in next week’s editions of both the FLP and NLP. A big step towards reaching more of our target audience. A big thanks in particular to Edd Paul who was instrumental in securing us a more than fair price.


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Most websites make their money from advertising space and we’re hoping to be no different. Just this week we have put together a lovely little advertising page where businesses can work with us. Any money that we make at the moment will be going straight into The72 piggy bank and pumped back into advertising our own brand.

So, that’s where we are so far. We may be pleased with how things have progressed this month, but there’s still much to be done. We’ve got many ideas in the pipeline, and we encourage you to pitch stuff to us. We’re pretty open minded, so get thinking.



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