Why advertise with The 72?

Numbers are based on January 2017 – this is reflective of our standard transfer window months.

  • Reac hundreds of thousand unique Football fans a month … and that’s only going to increase during the transfer window! In January 2017, we managed 640,000 unique users totalling over 1.6 million pageviews. 
  • Utilise our high click-through rates for your adverts – some of our slots get up to a 9% CTR.
  • Benefit from joining our community — we are the number 1 Football League site and STILL growing, with on average 34.6% new users a month. 
  • Collaborate with us — as well advertising on the site, we can offer Twitter giveaways to our 39,000 followers, sponsored posts, and much more. 
  • You can change your advert design weekly, and if you don’t have an advert, we’ll even have our UI designer mock you up one!


Some Numbers from the past 12 months

  • 84.42% Monthly average UK traffic.
  • 3,224,381 unique users.
  • 11,231,801 pageviews.
  • Users spend on average 1m47s reading each page
    • That’s enough to read an entire article and thereby view every ad slot
  • Over 9,000,000 tweet impressions per month
  • Want to know more details? Give us an email, and we’ll grant any prospective advertiser a read-only account of our Google Analytics.


Display Advertising

Display advertising can be bought for minimum of one week blocks, or per pageviews. Our rates are very competitive, and we can work with you to find the solution that best fits your brand. In doing so, we can also remove or block conflicting adverts from non-direct sales that would clash with your brand. A complete run of site is possible, but we would need 5 days notice to design, QA and implement your ROS effectively.

For anything related to Display Advertising, contact


Other Advertising

For anything related to social advertising or others, please email Our site editor will be able to advise you on the deals we have available, and look to get your campaign online as soon as possible. Payment terms on non-display advertising are Net(5).


Other Properties

We run several other properties and can do cross-site deals. These include: Leeds United (, Chelsea (, Rugby League (, and Wrestling (