Sheffield Wednesday manager Jos Luhukay has told the Sheffield Star that he believes discipline is one of the most important things a side can have.

Not much is known about Luhukay because he has never managed outside of Germany, a league that is usually out of the radar of English fans unless it involves the biggest clubs in the Bundesliga. But one fact about Luhukay has managed to make it to England is that he is a strict disciplinarian and that players who step out of line will be in for a tough time.

And Luhukay was happy to confirm that reputation is not unwarranted. He has said that at previous clubs he has been very strict with his players and has even dropped people from the first team just because they were late to a meeting. With the current Wednesday side being accused of being lazy, some fans may think that he is the exact right person to shape up the squad.

He said: “At Augsburg, two players came late to a meeting. They were late by two minutes so I said to them, ‘You are not on time, you can sit on the bench’.”

“The players looked at me surprised. Discipline is important.”

“When we have a meeting, you should be on time. Discipline is needed in everything you do.”

“You can have a lot of quality but if you don’t have a good mentality, it is not so easy. When you have both, it is perfect.”

Luhukay takes control of his first game on Friday when the Owls take on Sheffield United.

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