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FIFA 18 is just a few days away and there’s so much hype around the new game. Of course one of the favourite parts of the game for many fans is finding out what ratings the players of their beloved clubs have been given. In this article we’ll be looking at the top five Sheffield United players in FIFA 18.

5) Richard Stearman (69) 

In at five we have central defender Richard Stearman. The Englishman has received a -3 downgrade from his 72 rated FIFA 17 card. Stearman has dropped by three points in his pace stat taking him down to 54 pace. His other main downgrade is his defending stat which has been decreased by four points which brings his defensive stat down to 67.

4) John Fleck (69)

At four we have none other than midfielder John Fleck. The Scotsman is 69 rated which is exactly the same as last FIFA. Although his overall rating has stayed the same there has been some movement within the individual card stats. He has received a -2 downgrade in both his pace and shooting stats as well as a -1 in his passing which is very interesting considering he got the second most assists in League One last season with a massive 16. But he has picked himself a +1 upgrade on his dribbling stat which takes it up to 70 rated.

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