Force is measured in Newtons. Depth of water is measured in fathoms. Electric current is measured in amperes.

Strikers are measured in goals – it is as simple as that.

Without goals, well you can argue that a striker is pretty much a dead weight to carry for a team. For all his tricks, flicks and turns, if Lionel Messi wasn’t banging in his customary 30-a-season then he’d be an expensive liability at Barcelona.

Now, despite the differences in their standing in the world of football, the same reasoning applies to Leeds United’s Chris Wood as applies to Barça’s Messi. Without the goals, Wood is a weight around the neck of the Whites.

However, those goals – 27 to be exact in the Championship last season (30 in all competitions) – are also like the albatross around Leeds United’s neck. Like the bird killed in Coleridge’s ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’, last season’s goals are a cursed burden for Leeds United.

If goals are the currency that strikers are valued in, then it is obvious that Wood’s 30 from last season would attract interest – and Premier League interest a team that. £12 million is a drop in the ocean to a Premier League side like Burnley, and even more so bearing in mind their sale of Andre Gray to Watford for a fee nearing £19 million.

Yes they have to pass £2 million-or-so back down the line to Brentford, but the remainder is obviously the pocket-money the Clarets are using as the working capital for their pursuit of Leeds’ Kiwi striker Wood.

Yet, as the second of Phil Hay’s tweets shows, £12 plus incremental add ons is nowhere near what Leeds United value Chris Wood at. The encouraging thing from Leeds United fans’ point-of-view is that the club aren’t encouraging any further bids for Chris Wood’s services.

That refusal to enter into an auction with Burnley, when coupled with a statement of wanting to keep Wood at Elland Road is one of the 12,000,000 reasons Leeds United are right to turn Burnley down flat in their approach.

The other 11,999,999 reasons will be seen in the measure of his goals this coming season for the Whites.

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