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Wow, the summer goes fast. It only seems like yesterday when Huddersfield Town sealed their promotion to the Premier League with that penalty shoot-out at Wembley, but here we are again at the start of yet another season.

For many, this is the most exciting part of the season. We have no idea how our team will play, whether they will be battling for promotion or will be trying to stave off relegation. Even those who think their team won’t be doing anything, looking at you QPR fans, can dream. After all, not many had Huddersfield getting promoted last year. In fact, many had them going down.

But even though these predictions usually only serve to make me look very silly come the season end, they are fun to make and it’s also great to look back on. We can truly see the teams that disappointed, the teams that surprised and who did exactly what we thought they were going to.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

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