Leeds United goalkeeping coach Marcos Abad was brought in to the Whites to replace the outbound Darryl Flahavan, a change needed as United juggled personnel on the arrival of new head coach Thomas Christiansen.

Abad, who has never played the game professionally, saw the move as one imbued with great honour, saying as much on his personal website. Mentioning that a “new illusion” had been awakened, Abad went on to say that he considered his appointment an “opportunity to continue growing with a spectacular club.”

With new staff often come new methods, and that certainly is the case with the appointment of Abad to help put the contingent of Leeds United stoppers through their paces.

Training is obviously likely to be focused on typical actions that a keeper may be expected to perform in a game situation. Examples of that can be found in the above video, published by Marcos Abad to his personal Twitter feed yesterday evening.

Abad – training methods and what Leeds’ stoppers might have in store for them

Above, is a look at some of his training methods at Elche, who currently play in Spanish football’s La Segunda División. If this is anything to go by, there will be more than enough to keep Leeds’ keepers like Rob Green, Felix Wiedwald and Marco Silvestri, Bailey Peacock-Farrell being on loan at Oldham next season.

Commenting in the video, Abad says [1:04] that the goalkeepers “arrive in the morning where the idea is to plan physical conditioning work specifically for goalkeepers.”

He then goes on to say [1:33] that one of the other exercises is to focus on the “job of stabilization of power imbalances…and that allows us to reach the optimum stimuli for the completion you focus on.” What he seems to be working on here is a run-through of the particular demands and stresses placed on keepers in the various game situations that they face.

The gym work on specific exercises obviously goes hand-in-hand with how this translates into on-field work and preparing goalkeepers for game situations. He mentions this [2:50-3:00] saying: “We try to customise different parameters within the [training]environment. The difficulty is [as]variable as we can find in competition, and above all those situations that they see that occur in games.” This approach can also be seen in the video that Abad posted of the Leeds United keepers working out in Austria.

Whilst this was a training session from 2015, it would be safe to assume that the rationale behind the methods that he had then will guide his hand at Elland Road, evidence of which is already being seen.

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