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When your side makes a new signing, you understandably get excited about what he could bring to the team. But for every world beater there is one that leaves after 12 months with 6 starts to his name.

No team knows this process better than Coventry City who in their five seasons in League One, handed over 100 players first team appearances. Some turned out to move on to better things such as Callum Wilson or John Fleck but you also get others that even the biggest fan of the Sky Blues would struggle to find in their memory banks. Anyone remember Lateef Elford-Alliyu or Adam Jackson? Bryn Morris? Al Bangura? The list goes on.

This post focuses on the ones that looked like good recruits with solid credentials but simply just failed to live up to the hype that came with them. Given the turnover which occurs at the Sky Blues year in year out, it’s a wonder how this list has been whittled down to five. The focus of the list has been the last season or two, so the failure and disappointment will be fairly fresh in fans’ minds.

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