There is a saying that a week is a long time in politics, that time seems to be distorted and dragged around. The same, well similar, could be applied to a season in football – but in reverse.

Whilst politics stretches out time, a football season is soon forgotten when it is finished as fans look forward to the season ahead rather than behind. As time contracts, memories condense and are soon forgotten. But not all things are easily erased from the memory, not all things.

Take Garry Monk’s decision to walk from the Leeds United head coach/manager position. Monk had given Leeds fans a season of hope and stability, leaving them with a firm platform from which to launch at the 2017/18 Sky Bet Championship season. What Monk was wanting to kick on, against what Leeds were offering was seemingly ‘chalk n’ cheese’, Monk choosing to tender his resignation.

Who should be next in at Elland Road to replace Garry Monk? Have your say.

Judas is what some Leeds fans labelled him. Former messiah Monk was not a footballing pariah for many fans at Elland Road. He’d left the Whites, moved into the job market where, after his success on meagre funds at Elland Road, he’d obviously be something of a commodity.

All of the achievements, all of the hard-work, all of the ‘team ethic’ were lost in that moment that Monk stepped away from Leeds United. He became a persona non grata – someone who Leeds fans quickly called a snake. Such instances of behaviour are rarely forgotten, no matter what fans think of the rest of the season.

When the following was tweeted by clothing company Dead Legacy Clothing, Leeds United fans couldn’t wait to jump on the bandwagon and comment.

Leeds United fans troll Garry Monk over ‘modelling shot’ – savage comments

Modelling clothes is one thing, but there is more than irony at the name of the company in question. Garry Monk’s walking away from Elland Road and Leeds United has, in essence, left a dead legacy. It is this that many fans turn on Monk for.

These Leeds fans pick up quickly on the irony.

The critique even extends to his choice of casual footwear.

Bit of a tongue-in-cheek dig at Monk’s comments about Charlie Taylor leaving the club. Monk is art imitating life.

No bitterness here then from the following Leeds United fan.

Spot the Johnny Bravo next to Garry Monk.

This Leeds fan wants to know if Dead Legacy are thinking of extending the range to other types of reptillians.

This Leeds fan does not like the ‘look’ not one bit.

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