Charlton Athletic fans traveled to Belgium to protest against owner Roland Duchatelet at his home according to a report from the News Shopper.

The Addicks supporters have been angry with Duchatelet for a long time with there being a belief that he has ruined their club, most notably with them alleging that he is one of the main reasons they were relegated to Sky Bet League One. This is why there has been a string of protests by fans over the last few years with the aim of forcing Duchatelet to sell the club.

But the protests haven’t just been happening at The Valley and have started to spread to Belgium and Duchatelet’s home town of Sint-Truiden. And after doing many different types of protest there, including delivering letters to Duchatelet and putting up fake road signs with the slogan ‘Roland Out’ on them, the fans protest group Belgium Twenty headed to his home to show their displeasure.

The fans, who each paid £300 to travel to Belgium to do this protest, entered the building in which Duchatelet lives in and were able to put up a Roland Out poster in the foyer. They have encountered the controversial owner in the past when doing these protests,including a heated meeting back in December, but there was no interaction with him this time around.

When asked about this protest a spokesman from Belgium Twenty said: We went into the reception area of his building and left some messages in his post box and put up the poster.”

“We didn’t stay for too long. He does find that we are a pain to deal with. He is a complex character and it is difficult to read his ideas.

“We’re not doing it to get any plaudits or praise. It’s not nice to constantly protest – we would much rather just support our club.”

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