As Leeds United fans continue the mass unfollow of Garry Monk on Twitter, more reasons keep rising to the top of the bubbling mess that is Monk’s departure from the club.

Monk’s resignation as Leeds United head coach was definitely unexpected, the former Swansea boss being in talks with new owner Andrea Radrizzani over extending his deal beyond the current 12 month rolling contract that was coming to an end.

Nothing seems to be knitting together over his departure from the West Yorkshire club. There were rumours of him wanting a huge salary hike and nods towards a longer deal than what was being offered, but nothing really concrete.

However, Sky Sports add a little spice to the mix by claiming that there were definite reasons behind the walking away from Leeds United by Garry Monk. Citing ubiquitous ‘sources’, the Sky Sports website say that Sky Sports News HQ were told that Monk walked as he did not feel “the club had any real intention to keep him long-term.”

There seems to be added emphasis to this view in that it was only after Radrizzani spoke about exercising the option of a 12 month extension that Monk handed in his resignation. There were Twitter whisperings that Monk was wanting a longer, three-year deal, something that owner Radrizzani said was on the table.

What is more telling of why Monk walked away is perhaps something else that Sky Sports hint at, that decisions being made at the club were done in a way that kept him in the dark. Sky Sports say that “Leeds were making plans for the future but keeping Monk out of the loop on subjects such as new directors and transfers in and out of the club this summer.”

It is likely a cocktail of reasons why Garry Monk chose to walk away from the club that he took to 7th place in the Sky Bet Championship, but like any good cocktail all the ingredients are mixed to the degree that they hide each other.

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