Like everything at Leeds United nothing is ever easy, nor is anything easily done. That is definitely true of the signing of Garry Monk to a longer, more secure contract.

Monk lasted an entire season at Elland Road, the third season under the stewardship of Massimo Cellino. It was a season of turnarounds where early bad form was transformed into a run of results good enough for the play-off places, before the Whites ultimately faltered and ended in 7th place in the table.

Monk had been on a season-long contract, but such have been his successes in galvanising the Whites into an almost play-off capable side that fans are clamouring for him to rewarded with a longer deal.

Initial talks have been conducted between the soon-to-be 100% owner Radrizzani and Monk, but are ‘on hold’ until the Italian has full and complete control of the reins at the Whites.

With this wait, Leeds United fans’ nerves have been jangling, with each passing day they have gotten more frayed. There was earlier talk that Norwich City were interested in acquiring Monk’s services as their man in the dugout.

This morning these very nerves weren’t frayed insomuch as they began to unravel with news that a rush of money on Garry Monk had meant that bookmakers like Sky Bet were seeing the former Swansea boss as an odds-on favourite to take up the Middlesbrough job.

This caused many fans to go into a mild form of apoplexy, which was only soothed some by Phil Hay’s tweet – below.

Leeds United fans react to news of Smoggies interest in Whites manager Monk

Leeds fans see Monk as that integral cog that has driven Leeds to much better results during the last campaign, seeing continuity as a must. Monk’s ‘not signed yet’ news to them is quite distressing; without his signature they fear that things may simply fall apart at Elland Road.

That’s not worrying this Leeds fan, he sees that Monk’s signature is a fait accompli and is being held back in some form of grand announcement.

But this enthusiasm and patience isn’t typical of Leeds United fans, in fact the lack of patience amongst these fans is almost palpable. There is a real sense of panic that all the good work from last season, the performances and results, the better play could all go up in a puff of smoke should Monk leave Elland Road and take on the manager’s role at the Riverside.

Wern’s observation is one that is backed up entirely by fellow Leeds fan Svend, who sees all the good news as some kind of announcement package.

This need to sign Monk is leading Leeds United fans to beg, such is the strength of feeling that these supporters have that the former Swansea boss is the right man for the job.

Leeds Fan Armo has his finger pretty much on the pulse of emotions running amongst Leeds fans.

David takes it a step further. Again what he says pretty much sums up the grassroots feelings amongst Leeds United fans, this is the feeling that if Monk leaves, then everything else simply falls away.

In seriousness, Leeds United fans are asking for something very simple and easily achievable to be done. All that the management/ownership of the club need to do is sit down with Garry Monk, the most successful head coach at the club in a while, and settle a longer term contract. Once that’s done, then the real planning can begin.

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