When news came through that Leeds United had been referred to FIFA by Torino over the details of Pontus Jansson’s transfer, more than alarm bells started ringing in fans’ heads.

In a way, with a scarcity of details available, Leeds United fans were right to panic, many of them commenting to the degree that something like this is expected of the club and the way that it has been run of late.

Controversy, court cases and a general haphazard approach to management has led some Whites fans to almost expect things like being reported to FIFA over a transfer to be part of the usual fabric at Elland Road.

However, late last night news began to filter through from Italy that shed more light on proceedings. Italian media source Toro News, through reporter Gianluca Sartori, reassured Leeds fans that Torino were not wishing to interfere with the eventuality of Pontus Jansson joining Leeds, rather the dispute was about when the Italian side should have received the agreed loan-to-permanent fee of around £3.5 million (€4 million).

Sartori says Torino themselves have “already initiated the dispute before the FIFA Players Status Committee, complaining about blatant violations of close agreements on the signing of the player,” agreements that date from August 2016 when Jansson arrived on loan at Elland Road.

Setting Leeds fans’ minds more at ease, Sartori writes that Torino are more interested in a quick resolution rather than stalling tactics. He says Torino “hope for a quick resolution of the dispute, which could see Leeds pay the due [amount]and the player to stay at Elland Road.”

But the very manner of this dispute has brought some quite pointed response from Torino fans commenting on the Toro News article and their side’s reporting of Leeds United to FIFA.

One fan, Torogranata,  thinks that Pontus Jansson should be brought back, saying in a comment about the situation and Jansson’s potential: “I am increasingly convinced that it [the situation]is no worse than Rossettini and with several years still to improve, maybe take him back as a viable alternative for the bench.”

Torino fan granatadellabassa takes issue with this saying: “I do not understand why you write that he could return to Torino. The bone of contention is simply the date when the money had to be paid.”

Another fan, contegranata, states that as long as Torino come out of the deal with the cash, that’s the bigger issue. Commenting on the article, this fan says: “If the agreements made at the time of sale have not been respected correctly, that protects Turin [Torino]. Leeds were aware of the clause. Well, having it now or June 30, the important thing is that the cash arrives. We will see what will happen in the coming days.”

Torino fan Jade is true says quite correctly that “Cellino is like that. Meanwhile, Leeds are out of the playoffs.” This draws a quite a pointed comment from  who says: “F**k do I have a comment on Cellino? Do you have rocks in your head?”

Whoever is correct on the interpretation of the contract between Leeds United and Torino on the loan-to-permanent conversion deal involving Pontus Jansson, more will undoubtedly come out over the coming week or so.

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