Blotted copybook. Burned bridges. Crossed Rubicon. Whichever way you put it, Charlie Taylor accomplished all those when he refused to play for Leeds United against Wigan.

104 games in total, 93 in the Sky Bet Championship, three goals and 13 assists – all will be forgotten by Leeds United fans. Taylor’s inability, nay unwillingness, to put side before self is what Whites fans will remember.

Grudges from players that Leeds fans term as Judases, they linger longer than any memories and brilliance that they’ve ever accomplished in the famous white shirt. Ask about Harry Kewell, a man who Leeds United fans mark out as King Judas amongst the Betrayers, and Leeds fans will tell you just how they feel about him.

The transfer request handed in, and thrown back by the club, after the last pre-season game against Atalanta will be forgotten in the stream of vitriol that has developed from Taylor’s refusal to pull on the shirt one last time for the Whites.

There have been Premier League clubs interested in Charlie Taylor all season long, such is his skill-set and potential. It is already known, via the mouth of Tony Pulis himself, that West Brom are interested in Taylor, seeing him as a possible answer to their problems at the left side of defence.

Pulis admitted that the Baggies are interested in bringing Taylor to the Hawthorns, although he said that they remain wary that it won’t be a straightforward affair. Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Pulis admits: “He’s one of the players we’re looking at in respect of left-backs but he’s not the only one.”

West Brom are odds-on favourites to bring Taylor in to the Premier League over the summer, which is kind of refreshing because there’s no way that he’d be welcome back at Leeds United after his actions.

Fans have rounded on him furiously, as should be expected, many chomping at the bit over his betrayal of what many judge to be the very fabric of the club. But perhaps the most telling criticism comes from the following, all of them ex-Leeds United players.

Leeds United – past players criticise Charlie Taylor stance and refusal to play against Wigan Athletic

First up is Andy Couzens: 29 appearances – 1 goal

Next to comment is Tony Dorigo: 171 appearances – 5 goals

Following on from Dorigo is Brian Deane: 169 appearances – 38 goals

Finally, former Leeds United midfielder Simon Walton comments: Simon Walton: 34 appearances – 3 goals

It is a sorry state of affairs is what Charlie Taylor has done. Some are calling it indicative of the psyche of the modern footballer. Some are blaming the modern face of football and all-pervading power of agents. But when it comes down to it, the fans are calling it just like it is, uncouched in any fancy words or sentiments.

To them it is simple.

To them it is betrayal.

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