Cardiff City head coach Neil Warnock has been voted by you as the 19th best manager in the EFL.

Over the last month, we have been gathering votes from you to find the best managers and players in the EFL. And after counting the votes, we have discovered you think that Warnock is the 19th best manager in the Football League.

Warnock didn’t start the season with a club, electing to leave Rotherham United at the end of last year after miraculously keeping them up when they were dead bottom of the Sky Bet Championship. But when Cardiff were struggling at the wrong end of the table and were forced to sack Paul Trollope just a few months into his reign, Warnock soon found himself at another Championship side desperately fighting to stay in that league.

And if you look at the Championship table now with Cardiff in a fairly dull 12th place, you’ll see that Warnock has done a brilliant job. While they don’t play the most attractive football in the league, they are able to get results and that has been key in seeing them rise up the league. The Bluebirds may have expected to do a bit better when they started the season, but considering they looked set for a relegation battle for a while, they’ll have been delighted to have an uneventful end to the season.

Now though with Warnock’s ability to get sides promoted to the Premier League, Cardiff will surely be thinking they can make a return to the top tier next season.

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