Rumours are like farts in a hot room, hot air that leaves a distinct bad smell hanging around. The rumour going around at the moment, spreading across social media, is that Massimo Cellino is gone and fellow Italian Andrea Radrizzani is in full control.

Since taking the reins at Elland Road, Cellino has divided opinion amongst fans. Some lauded his arrival as a breath of fresh air, his maverick nature fitting well with the ‘everyone hates us, we don’t care’ attitude of Leeds United fans.

However, his detractors pointed out quite rightly that his ‘Devil may care’ attitude was less endearing and more toxic. It was an attitude that dragged the club down with streams of sacked managers and a growing number of court cases and fights with the football authorities.

It clearly wasn’t the best deal for a lot of fans, but it has been all change this season for Leeds United. Fortunes on the pitch were improved, the Whites missing out on the play-offs but it was a close run thing. There’s still a mathematical chance, but it would take a moving of the heavens to make it so.

Andrea Radrizzani came onboard in January as a 50% ‘investor’ but it was also said at the time that a ‘buyout option’ that the incoming Italian could exercise a ticket the end of the season.

The end of the season is effectively upon us, tomorrow being the last round of Championship games before the play-offs begin. With that sentiment comes the groundswell opinion and news that supposedly Cellino has cashed in his 50% investment in Leeds United, the buyout option being exercised and giving Radrizzani full ownership of the Whites.

Twitter reaction to news that Massimo Cellino is ‘gone’ from Leeds United

This reply from radio journalist Joe Rawson is in reply to what many fans are asking, the level of truth to the rumours of Cellino’s departure. Rawson adds in a little nugget that Cellino won’t be fully gone.

Leeds fans continue to argue amongst themselves as to what exactly is going on with the ownership issue.

Arguing and difference of opinion to one side, there really is a sense of confusion residing in Leeds fans tonight.

Leeds fans such as this one seemingly will take a poorer man over Cellino any time of the day.

This Whites fan just can’t wait for it to be formally announced and the details fully known and out there I believe the public arena.

Some won’t believe it until they see it with their own eyes – holding back on the celebrations until then.

But there a definite sense of happiness in some fans that what many considered as a nightmare is definitely nearing its end game.

A sense of reassurance can be gained from this tweet stating that an advisor role for Cellino is nothing to panic over.

This fan still has a doubt that things may not be as they seem to be.

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