When Leeds United signed Italian defender Giuseppe Bellusci from Catania, big things were expected of him; Leeds largely didn’t see this.

There were moments where he looked decent, a worthy purchase amongst too many impulse and rushed buys. It wasn’t all bad with Bellusci, largely bad but not entirely bad. There were moments like that free kick against Bournemouth when Leeds came back from the south coast 3-1 winners.

These moments were few and far between though, with the initial commitment and coherency suddenly drifting apart and hasty decision-making becoming the norm for the Italian central defender. As consistency went, madcappery seemed to be the replacement as a series of bizarre decisions  didn’t endear Bellusci to a growing number of the Leeds United terrace faithful.

No matter what defensive partner he played with in the middle of the Leeds United defence, it just didn’t work out. Crazy decision-making allowed goals to leak, most infamously the overhead kick attempt at a clearance that led to Marco Silvestri getting sent off and Bellusci facing the penalty.

It is either that one or the bullet diving header past Silvestri against Middlesbrough that sticks in the mind as calamitous examples of Giuseppe Bellusci falling apart. It really was nothing short of remarkable how quickly Bellusci went from ‘the Warrior’ to ‘the Worrier’ in the eyes of many Leeds fans.

It was never going to work out for him at Leeds United this season, instead he’s spend the duration of this season on loan at Serie A side Empoli, where he’s not had too bad a season by all accounts.

But like the Bellusci of old, there’s still that capacity for calamity as the following tweet shows.

Once this appeared, Leeds United fans couldn’t help themselves other that to latch on and comment on it.

Leeds United fans comment on typical Bellusci moment.

This Leeds fan probably says what the rest are thinking.


Mind you, so is this Leeds United fan too.


A bit ‘blue’ but ever so true.


Here’s a sobering thought for Leeds fans that might be tempted to laugh about the Whites dodging a bullet.

This Leeds fan saw Bellusci as part of a developing trend at Elland Road.


This is another view that pretty much sums up the majority thinking when it comes to Giuseppe Bellusci and his capabilities.


A reality check to this Leeds fan who thinks that Bellusci is the worst to turn out for the Whites in half a century.


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