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As a Peterborough United fan, I’ve spent the last couple of years watching Marcus Maddison develop as a player.

Maddison has slowly become one of the top players in Sky Bet League One, and his stats show exactly that.

On Thursday, a piece was published stating why Leeds United attempting to sign Maddison again is ‘a must.’

The article looked purely at his stats from last season, which were some of the best in the league.

Peterborough United only finished 11th in the league, and it has been acknowledged by all League One fans that Maddison is far too good to play for a mid table League One side.

Obviously, Posh have higher aspirations than mid table, but unless these aspirations are realised soon, they run the risk of losing Maddison to a Championship club.

In an interview with BBC Sport earlier in the week, Barry Fry stated that Marcus Maddison was “gutted” that a deal wasn’t agreed between Posh and Leeds United in January 2016, when contact was made between the clubs.

But now, after being placed on the transfer list, clubs in the Championship have had their heads turned, and Leeds United are no different.

Maddison was the standout player for Peterborough United last year, and has been for the past few seasons.

But what exactly would he bring to Elland Road?

He’s quick, exceptionally quick. He has the ability to beat anyone in a race on the ground, which is obviously going to give him an advantage.

He’s skilful, exceptionally skilful. There aren’t many things worse for defenders than a quick, skilful winger. And that’s exactly what Marcus Maddison is. He’s good on the ball, with quick feet and exceptional close control. When he’s on form, he’s a defender’s worst nightmare.

He’s got a magic left foot. He is very left footed, and it’s very rare you’ll see him bury one top bins with his right, but my god his left foot is good. His striking of the ball is exceptional, and he can produce something out of nothing.

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