The Australian Football Consortium LTD, who was recently linked with Charlton Athletic, have made clear through their website, that they are hopeful to conclude a deal in due course.

On the 12th April, it was revealed that Charlton Athletic had received interest from an Australian consortium, known as the Australian Football Consortium LTD (AFC). At the time the current status, according to their website in mid-April, was they were in the process of raising £20 million capital to table an offer to the current owner, Roland Duchatelet.

It was also rumoured that a possible deal would not include an arrangement for Charlton’s ground, The Valley, but would include their New Eltham training ground, Sparrows Lane.

At the very minimum, Charlton fans became aware that Roland Duchatelet was open to offers for him to sell the red Southeast London outfit.

Over the last few days, the Australian Football Consortium (AFC) have updated their website and the new information which has been added could be seen as positive signs by the Charlton faithful.

Since the original statement which became apparent when the consortium became linked with the Addicks, which stated they were in the process of looking and seeking investment, the message on the site has changed significantly.

The statement and message have shifted towards that the consortium has now located a club, which could very much be Charlton, and are in talks, with a hope to conclude a deal in due course. They also made the decision to divulge the process in which they went about looking for a club in England.

They stated that in 2016, they contacted Deloitte’s Football Business Group which is based in Manchester, to conduct a feasibility study of their project and offer a list of clubs which fit their criteria. The AFC’s criteria include rebuilding a beleaguered English side and elevating it back to the Premier League, and with Charlton’s stadium, facilities, fan base and room for that to grow, as well as previous history in the top flight, the Addicks were no doubt mentioned as part of Deloitte’s consultation.

Deloitte which is well respected as a consulting organisation for corporations and businesses, made the decision in recent years to expand into the economics of sport, and have had somewhat of a large footprint of involvement in the United States.

The Australian Football Consortium has been established to acquire an underperforming English football team with a view to elevating the club back to the Premier League.

In 2016 AFC commissioned Deloitte’s Football Business Group in Manchester to conduct a feasibility study on our project and identify clubs that fit our criteria.

The AFC concluded with their hopes for a deal to be completed in due course but made clear they will not be making any further comments or statements which clarify any more details until a deal has been made, which is to be expected with several Non-Disclosure Agreements likely to have been signed.

We remain hopeful of being able to conclude a deal in due course but we will not be making any statements or comments until a deal is completed.

It is worth making clear that there is no confirmation that the implied serious talks they are currently part of are with Charlton Athletic, but with the original link being made in early April, there could be a reason for the Addicks to be hopeful themselves.

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Charlton Athletic fan who is still proud and loves the achievements under Jimmy Seed, Alan Curbishley and Chris Powell. I am still waiting for the day when we return to the top flight of English Football! I am staunchly against the Roland Duchatelet ownership and support CARD in his removal. I am also a qualified referee with the London FA. Twitter: @ValleyFloydFred