Earlier in the week, an Australian Football Consortium (AFC) vvisor, and former Premier League player, Mark Schwarzer, isorspoke to TalkSport’s Alan Brazil, where he did not outright deny a possible deal at Charlton Athletic.

At the start of the week, it was unveiled that the controversial owner at Charlton Athletic, Roland Duchatelet, is ready to sell, and is currently in exclusivity talks with an Australian Consortium known as the Australian Football Consortium LTD.

The main headline as it currently stands is that the AFC are in the process of raising £20 million to buy Charlton Athletic and the training ground, Sparrows Lane, which is based in New Eltham. However, we understand that this valuation does not include The Valley.

On the morning of Good Friday, former Premier League goalkeeper for Chelsea and Fulham, which has been unveiled as an important adviser to the Australian Football Consortium, Mark Schwarzer, spoke on TalkSport’s breakfast show with Alan Brazil.

“Listen, do you believe everything that is written in the press? Do you believe everything that is put in the Mail particularly?” Mark Schwarzer said.

“Listen, there is an Australian Consortium which is interested in buying a football club and there is a number of clubs they have looked at of acquiring, and who knows what will happen down the line.

“I have been approached and spoken to operate in a bit of an advisory role at this stage.

“We have to wait and see what happens, there is obviously a lot of clubs that at the moment [which]have fans t that are very disgruntled about owners so there is always going to be links to various clubs with any type of consortium.

Alan Brazil: “Great club though, great tradition you know especially at Charlton.”

“That’s English football, isn’t it? There are so many clubs in this country that have an enormous amount of history and I think in the right hands there are a number of clubs which could turn around their fortunes very very quickly.” Mark Schwarzer responded.

Alan Brazil: “20 million, would that be about right? Would it be less than that or more?”

“Who knows? I don’t know that is way out of my league, for any football club I have not really looked at the values of clubs. I don’t really know what clubs values really are, particular at that level of the league. So it’s not something I’ve really investigated in.” Mark Schwarzer ended the interview with.

Someone linked with the Australian Football Consortium had their first chance to outright deny any form of interest to buy Charlton Athletic on the morning of Good Friday, in which they did not take the opportunity to do just that.

Instead, Schwarzer, chucked around that they have looked at a range of clubs, and continued to spin the cliche of there being so many clubs out there which could become something great in the right hands.

In his interview, Schwarzer says “We have to wait and see what happens”. Indeed, we very much do.

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