One of the most horrific passages of play you’ll see for a while that happened in the match between Wigan Athletic and Rotherham has gone on viral after being posted on Twitter by fan Matt Walker.

No one went into the match between Wigan and Rotherham expecting an amazing display from either side, with both teams being 23rd and 24th in the Sky Bet Championship with the latter already having their relegation confirmed last week after losing to Fulham.

But no one quite expected this terrible passage of play that would shame most Sunday League teams. A Wigan player inexplicably passes the ball from the half way line back to his goalkeeper, though it is also badly aimed so Jakob Haugaard has to go outside the penalty box to retrieve the ball. His clearance though is then blocked by an onrushing Danny Ward who is given the perfect opportunity to score, though he inexplicably sends it wide when given this chance.

The video of this short passage of play was posted onto Twitter by Doncaster Rovers fan Matt Walker and it soon went viral as many people commented on this awful piece of football. It has now been retweeted over 6,000 times as more and more people are amazed that football can be played this bad by people who are on wages that likely dwarf our own.

Wigan will next play against Barnsley and will hope to get a win to help them avoid being relegated. Rotherham may have nothing to play for but will hope to get some pride back when they play Birmingham City next.

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