Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers have announced that the club have already sold 14,502 season tickets for next season.

Despite a below-par season from Wolves, fans have moved quickly and taken advantage of the Early Bird offer for next season.  The offer, launched in January, means that if 16,500 season tickets are sold before the end of May, all fans will receive a partial refund of between £59 and £119.  With the Early Bird offer expiring at 5pm on Monday, season tickets will now be full price.

Wolves have 13,831 season ticket holders this season, meaning that they will already have more next season.  The final Early Bird offer figure of 14,502 is a 43% increase on last year, the highest ever increase since the scheme began 15 years ago.

In addition, 2,701 of the tickets have been purchased by new supporters, with fans obviously optimistic for next season.  The renewal rate so far from existing season ticket holders stands at 88.6%.

Wolves managing director Laurie Dalrymple said: “I cannot stress enough how much everyone at the Club appreciates the show of support from fans with the number of Season Tickets we have sold.

“We are delighted with the response to the Raised by Wolves initiative, in achieving the highest ‘Early Bird’ figure since the Club was going into the 2012/13 season, when the sales period took place whilst the Club was still in the Premier League.

“The level of backing already guaranteed for next season, along with the matchday improvements we have spoken about over the last week, will hopefully create a really vibrant and exciting atmosphere to get right behind Paul (Lambert) and the team.

“There still remains that additional target which we will hopefully reach over the next eight weeks which will allow supporters to receive a partial refund on the price of their Season Ticket. So while tickets will now revert to ‘summer’ prices, hopefully enough supporters will purchase to ensure they too receive some money back providing we hit that target by the end of May.

“I firmly believe it is achievable and, as I have already said previously, nothing would give me greater pleasure to press the button on those refunds. Just to conclude, a huge thank you once again to everyone who has already purchased a Season Ticket, and those planning to do so over the coming weeks.

“It is greatly appreciated by everyone at Wolves, and we are all now firmly focused on repaying that faith on and off the pitch to enjoy a successful end to this season before coming back refreshed and ready to go again in August.”

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