Former Blackburn Rovers and MK Dons manager Paul Ince has been blasted on social media for making an apparent sexist comment on ITV Sport.

Ince was working on the match between Spain and France, a game where there was plenty to talk about as FIFA were trialing video technology during the game, something that Ince has been critical of in the past. However the video referees ended up being a huge success, correctly ruling out an Antoine Griezmann goal for offside before turning over an offside decision by the linesman to allow a goal from Gerard Delofeu to stand.

Despite this, Ince was critical of the system and ended up saying to the host of the game’s punditry, Jacqui Smith this: “We’ll have another chat [about video-technology]in five years’ time darling,”

While this isn’t the most sexist comment in the world, and probably not the worst thing Jacqui Smith as heard since she received some abuse after becoming the first female commentator on Match of the Day, many were angered by this quote. Referring to a professional female as darling is seen by many as a demeaning word and a way to make the woman lesser to the man, even if they have all the professional credentials to match up to the person that has called them darling.

As you’d expect. many jumped on this comment and called Ince a sexist and a dinosaur for making this comment on live television.

Of course as this is the internet, there ended up being a backlash to the backlash.


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