Cup fever has certainly hit Coventry City and the club have released merchandise for Sundays Checkatrade Trophy final. However the flags which have been announced might be confiscated upon arrival at the ground. 

Originally, the flags were announced alongside flags, commemorative shirts, Sky Blue wigs, foam fingers and of all things jester hats. The club announced that flags could be as large as 250cm length ways and the ones released fit this bill being 150cm x 90cm. They are still on sale despite the change saying that no flag larger than 100cm is allowed in.

All of this means that the flags specifically designed to take into Wembley won’t actually be allowed to go to Wembley. The EFL have kept quiet on the matter so it will remain to be seen whether fans will be allowed to take them in or not, the decent thing to do would be to allow them on special grounds. The club have guided fans to ask Wembley themselves but this is the most they have said:

Flags also aren’t permitted to have any unauthorised lettering on them, which is most likely a subtle suggestion that anti owner banners won’t be tolerated. They have been brought into the Ricoh Arena all season but with security almost certainly going to be improved for such a high profile match where 45,000 Coventry fans will be attending with another 27,000 from Oxfordshire.

The B Team boycott has been a big part of the Checkatrade Trophy this season but fans of both the sides haven’t been able to resist a trip to Wembley. This is more applicable in Coventry’s case having not had any success since their FA Cup win in 1987.

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