Rotherham United interim head coach Paul Warne has told the Sheffield Star that he is going to ruin his players’ weekend after they ruined his.

The Millers are currently fighting for their lives to avoid relegation to Sky Bet League One but dropping down a league seemed more certain after they suffered an embarrassing 5-1 defeat to QPR on Saturday. It looked like it was going to be an exciting close game when Joe Newell equalised just over ten minutes after Matt Smith opened the scoring for QPR. But the West London side soon took control and goals from Luke Freeman, Yeni Ngbakoto, Massimo Luongo and Nedum Onuoha made it a convincing win for the R’s.

For Rotherham though it was another crushing defeat and Warne was incredibly angry after the battering. And so he vowed that because as a Rotherham fan his weekend would be ruined by this loss, he would be ruining the players weekend by hauling them in for training on Sunday.

He said: “It hurts me as a Rotherham lad, so to speak, to lose,”

“It needs to hurt them. We’ll have them in tomorrow. We’ll watch the game back. They can watch what we had to watch.”

“I didn’t lose my rag with them after the game because it’s not worth my health. But, as I stand here now, I feel like they need to take some responsibility for what they’ve done.”

“I know my weekend is ruined. I have no shame in ruining their weekends. I don’t give a monkeys. My Sunday will be horrendous at home with my kids and that’s not fair on my kids.”

“The players can feel the pain I’m feeling.”


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