When Leeds United were down on their uppers, backside hanging out of their trousers and languishing in the relegation zone after six games of this season, Whites fans began to ready themselves for a typical Leeds United season.

Then Pontus Jansson arrived and something, quite magically, clicked and the Whites kicked in on a drive up the table. Rather than the last throes of a dying fish, this initial flop out of relegation turned into something more and, as form picked up, Leeds began to rapidly climb up the table.

Performance after performance, display after display came and went, and at times Leeds seemed unstoppable. The charge was halted at times, slowed at others but they now find themselves staring at the business end of the season and sitting pretty in fourth place in the table.

Besides the rise to prominence of talented youngster Ronaldo Vieira, taking account the efforts of goal machine Chris Wood, one man captured the imagination on this drive up the table – through impassioned displays brimming with excellence, Pontus Jansson won over the notoriously cynical Leeds United fanbase.

They’ve seen the supposedly ‘next big thing’ before – numerous times – but there was something about Pontus Jansson that galvanised Whites’ fans. Crying out for a terrace hero, Leeds fans got him in the shape of the Swedish Janssonator. Songs were created for him, phrases linked to his tackling were invented and his image festooned t-shirts, posters and prints.

There was a definite feel-good factor about him; he loved the fans and they loved him right back.

Today when it was announced that he wasn’t in the starting line-up against a potentially dangerous Brighton side, a sense of glumness descended with each Leeds fan carrying their own personal raincloud of doom around with them.

The above tweet was typical of the sense of gloom that started around 4:30 p.m. when the team news was announced. That lasted all game, and beyond as fans wondered what was going on with their hero, why a pretender had replaced him in the side.

After the match, it was always going to be the first question on the lips of the gathered members of the Press – and it was. Phil Hay asked what all were thinking, with Monk duly replying.

Hay summed up Monk’s response with the following tweet.

Leeds fans were quick to respond to Hay’s tweets and Monk’s comments.

Principles and Pontus – worried Leeds fans respond to Monk’s words and Hay’s tweets

Rather than being ‘cryptic’, Leeds fans were seeing the matter as plain as day – Monk’s words hinting at a kind of breach of team ethics in their eyes and minds.


For some Leeds fans staying at the end of the game, the dissatisfaction from the Swede was clear for all to see.

For some, the absence of the talismanic Swede, coupled with a hinted at breach of ‘principles’ can mean recourse to just one thing.

Whatever the reason for Pontus Jansson’s absence from the side, until the starting XI for the Reading game is announced after the international break, you can bet that this one will continue to burn on its own embers.

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